Welcome to Bethel Sozo at Bath City Church

We’re listed as a Resource Church on the Bethel Sozo UK website because we not only offer Bethel Sozo ministry to anyone who wants to receive one, but we’re also very keen to help other churches to get teams up and running for themselves.


Our team here at Bath City Church has been running since 2009, when two of us, Darrell and Anthea Cocup travelled up to The Haven Church in Birmingham to attend a Bethel Sozo Basic Training with Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher from Bethel Church in Redding, California. Dawna and Teresa jointly lead the Bethel Sozo ministry internationally and are a wonderful and inspiring couple of people to meet. Anyway, Darrell and Anthea immediately recognised what an extraordinarily effective ministry Bethel Sozo is, got back to Bath, passed their inspiration to Ros Dunlop who headed the Pastoral side of things at BCC at that time, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Darrell and Anthea are now both Certified Bethel Sozo Trainers.
Our team now is made up of about 15 wonderful people from churches in Bath, Bristol and beyond, with five of us being released to lead ministry sessions as “Firsts”. On average we see between 20 and 30 people per month who come to us from all over the country (and occasionally beyond!) for Sozos.

How we can help

There are several ways in which we can help you:
  • You can invite us to run an Information Day at your church. This would normally include a morning of teaching / information about Bethel Sozo and then the opportunity for your leadership to receive a sozo in the afternoon
  • You can invite us to run a full Bethel Sozo Basic Training. This would normally be held either over two days or a Friday evening and all Saturday. Darrell and Anthea are both Certified Bethel Sozo Teachers and Trainers
  • You can invite us to run a Mentoring Day with your team. This is a day on intensive hands on training on how to use the Bethel Sozo tools
  • We can offer you a Skype Sozo
  • We can offer you and your team regular mentoring by Skype
  • You and your team can attend the Bethel Sozo Regional Days we hold every few month
We can discuss how best we can help you either by email, ( on the phone (07711 533 867) or face to face…but the following will give you an idea on how to set up a team from scratch: 

Bethel Sozo UK is a church based ministry, organised on a generally regional basis, with full details available on our website. Training is normally undertaken as a group within your church and we would recommend the following sequence: 
  1. Speak to your pastors and get them on-side with your plans.
  2. Invite us down to run an Information Day
  3. Your Information Day should lead to a number of people being interested in the ministry
  4. Either buy a set of the Bethel Sozo training DVDs from the Bethel Sozo UK website and watch these as a team over 6 or 7 evenings, with one DVD per evening


  5. Invite us down to run a live Basic Training as mentioned above
  6. Make sure all your team receive their own sozo. We can help you organise the best way to do this
  7. If you took option 4 then get the team to attend either a national or regional Basic Sozo training event. Two /three day trainings in both Basic and Advanced Sozo are held regionally each year
  8. You’ll soon get to know those people who will make up your team. We’ll then help you to get trained up as seconds, to the point that one of you is released to act as a first. This person is then responsible (with help!) to replicate the training they have received to ensure that the others are in turn fully equipped to being either seconds or firsts.
Allow yourself a good six months from your first training to being able to start offering the ministry out to people.


To maintain a high standard it is vital that no-one assumes the mantle of being a “First” unless they have been specifically released by the Resource Church you are working with.  Firsts are recognised as being vital to the ministry and will be recognised and certified in this role. In a fast growing ministry replication is key in maintaining purity. 


Bethel Sozo is an entirely self-financing ministry. This means that we depend and rely on the charges we make for our services, and the donations and contributions we receive to survive. For details of the cost of any of the services we offer, please get in touch. If you would like to contribute to the BCC Bethel Sozo Ministry our bank details are:

Sort Code: 40-45-23
Account: 41452592
Bethel Sozo South West
The Bath City Church Bethel Sozo Team looks forward to being able to help

The Bethel Sozo team at Bath City Church can be contacted by email here
Emmanuel - A Celebration of...
6:00pm Sunday 17 December
The Forum, Bath
Men's Breakfast
9:00am Saturday 13 January
The Forum
Bethel Sozo Training Day
3:00pm Saturday 13 January
E5, Jamaica Street, Bristol
Kickstart Course
7:15pm Monday 29 January
The Forum Coffee House
Our VISION is to build a radical relevant church that empowers people to express God’s heart, fulfil their dreams and change the world.

Our MISSION is to create a culture where people from every nation and generation can have a genuine encounter with the living God.
Our mandate is to see people established in the truth, equipped to fulfil their dreams and empowered to change the world around them.
We want everyone to live in the fullness of everything Jesus paid for on the cross, to express the likeness of heaven here on earth and leave a legacy for the generations to come.