Exciting testimonies from Bethel Sozo Ministry 

The Bethel Sozo team say: "We want to give a massive thanks to all these precious people who allowed us to share in their walk of restoration.  It has been an honour to facilitate and use the “Bethel Sozo’ tools to see such breakthrough.  We haven’t mentioned names or dates on purpose.  All testimonies are sent in after ministry and we suggest at least four weeks before doing so, so what you read here has had the test of time." 
“I have seen tremendous change in my confidence in hearing from God, this has been recognised by my pastor and church family. There has been a shift in my relationship with my husband that has been positive for both of us, after 40 years of marriage this has been amazing.”
“My experience could not be improved upon, from the welcome at the beginning through to the support given through the ministry time. The whole experience was one that I would recommend to everyone, the results are more than one could hope for, with truth taken away to help maintain and grow into the person God has called me to be.”
“Years of battling anxious thoughts when waking each morning. Now gone! I’ve also been able to close a painful chapter in my life. Amazed at the route Holy Spirit took.”
“God had prepared my heart before the session and His healing grace started to flow that day. Going back into my childhood by the end of the session I was able to think about my mum without crying. (Mum died of dementia)”
“At the time of attending my sozo session I was in need of dealing with troubling issues. I found the ministry team to be safe and encouraging. It was life changing, truly Holy Spirit lead. The truths and follow up reading suggested has also led to a true sense of release and freedom.”
“I liked the ‘matter of fact’ approach, not religious or over spiritual, allowing Holy Spirit to do the work without fuss. Only God the Father can reach back into our past, He could see how I had accepted and believed a lie of ‘fear of death’ and through sozo prayer washed away the root and replaced it with hope and purpose!”
“I’m in awe that something that appears such a simple process can achieve such a profound effect. In two hours my relationship with a distant father figure who’d turned his back became one of being loved and accepted by Him and then being able to forgive. There has been a subtle change in all I am. Praise God!”
“It wasn’t what I was expecting; the Holy Spirit took me back to childhood and the root of my problem, which I was not aware of at all.  I am free, I now feel it all the time. A lot has changed in my life, I’m feeling stronger and knowing where the issues came from is so helpful,  awesome!”
“All I know is that I felt such freedom and have been more relaxed in my mind and body.”
“During the ministry I was taken to the time of my birth and experienced Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus the room with me.  It was such a real experience and took away the loneliness I felt as a child. To hear for myself how much they love me has made a real difference to my life. I never thought I could have this relationship with the Trinity, to know that I am truly their child, it’s wonderful.”
“It brought freedom and understanding to areas of my life that had previously been closed and misunderstood. It was very powerful and life changing.”
“Sozo is life giving. It unlocks the past in a safe way. I met Father, son and Holy Spirit in a new way and was left with joy, not pain, hope and truth about me. My future looks much more attractive!”
“Awesome, liberating, humbling. I’ve become more confident of Gods love for me!”
“It was a journey into deeper revelation of God’s love for me. A glimpse into His heart for me.  I was amazed at the gentleness and safe atmosphere of the session. I already love the Lord, but to give Him express permission to reveal and replace lies with His truth is deep and exciting for me. The night after my Sozo I had a nightmare relating to my childhood trauma, I awoke and applied the truths from my Sozo and went back into a deep sound sleep and have had no reoccurrences since! Praise God! I am still amazed by the sensitivity and gentleness and wonderful appropriate prayers.  I was so grateful to have words of truth written and handed to me at the end.”
“God met me in a way that I had never experienced before, I could feel the freedom as we prayed.  He took me back to the womb and showed me the meaning of abundant life and being fearfully and wonderfully made, He showed me I was wanted and loved all in one moment of praying and listening.”
“Absolutely life changing with my relationship with Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. I had not been aware that I had unforgiveness and judgements in my heart and after simple, but meaningful deep ministry I was set free… where I had struggled all my life as a Christian (I had tried to get help over the years) I am now excited that I know God loves me and am walking in more and more revelation of God’s heart for me. I know I can use the Sozo framework to walk in greater freedom focusing on what He gave me in the Sozo session.  Sozo was like a ‘deep cleanse’...I really would (and do) recommend Bethel Sozo highly, as personally I have experienced a tremendous turnaround in my life, which I am really excited about.  It is so healthy and freeing to do as one can only walk into a greater freedom and joy!”
“Bethel Sozo is the most powerful ministry I have ever experienced and once you have a relationship with the Lord, He can move in power to set you free. I feel unburdened from years of guilt and shame which I thought might never leave me.”

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