Into the city

We believe that we should be a part of the wider community in Bath and have partnered and invested in a number of social projects for the benefit of the wider community. For us it’s not just a matter of speaking the gospel, we need to show the gospel in our actions.

The Homeless


For many years we have ministered with the Genesis Trust, Bath City Church providing the facilities for the Genesis Lifeline Centre. Gloria Ware, who runs the centre and who is part of the church says, “We provide a safe place for the street community to find a bit of a sanctuary and advice. We are open every working day and help hundreds of mainly homeless people.”

Bath City Church has been involved with other churches in the city to feed the homeless for over 20 years.




Bath City Church provide two funded hostels for men, who would otherwise be homeless. Tony who runs this ministry says “Without the security of this longer term accommodation, the 12 men that we house would possibly not have any home. Our aim is to provide stable accommodation as they transition from living on the street.”

If you’re reading this and sense this is a direction you should be taking and you’d like to know more about, you can contact Tony Ware.


Street Pastors


Street Pastors is a fantastic inter-church ministry that has recently begun in Bath. Bath’s nightlife is booming, so as you can imagine there is much drink related behaviour that leaves many people vulnerable late at night. Christians from all over the city have got together under the Street Pastor scheme to patrol the streets of Bath on Friday and Saturday nights, bringing a listening ear and compassionate care to the streets of Bath.

Street Pastors are always keen to welcome new people onto their team. If this ministry could be of interest to you contact them at

Soup Run


Bath welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, but we’re also home to a lot of folk who have fallen on hard times.  As part of our response to homelessness and other related difficulties a group of BCC members support the Soup Run project, our duty night being every Sunday.

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