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Set your house in order 

Mondays 25 November and 2 December, 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Come prepared to look at your planning in the area of financial and estate planning. This will be a very practical, non technical workshop that will be sure to give you food for thought and action. Especially suited to those of us who have children or who are over 40.

Your hosts will be Mark Lloydbottom, Nigel and Jill Stenning

Nigel Stenning writes: "The Bible is full of practical wisdom and guidance encompassing all aspects of life... and death is the very last thing that the writers of the Bible were frightened of!  Neither should we be.  I am grateful to Mark Lloydbottom for putting this workshop together, a study that grounds sound guidance and advice in scripture, and that I believe will help us steward our plans, our relationships and our resources really well."


£10 for the two sessions -including workbook

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