Church at Home

We are using our technology and our creative gifts to stay connected during this time when we are not physically meeting, by filming weekly video messages, updates and songs to ensure that a mixture of worship and word remains available each Sunday morning and beyond. 

These will be streamed on, published below, on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Keep checking back for the latest message! 

Thursday 2 April 2020

The elders have called a Day of Prayer and Fasting on Good Friday, 10 April. Pop the date in your diay. More details to follow.

Day of Prayer and Fasting


We love testimonies and right now let's encourage one another with our good news stories. If you give permission we will post your stories online. Head on over to our testimonies page and take a read and see how you can send in your testimony too. 

Picture response to the Church at Home message Sunday 29 March 2020

Horsfall's House

Head over to this page to see the kind of houses you are wanting! Thank you so much for sending them in!

Church at Home Sunday 29 March 2020

Head on over to for our interactive meeting this morning starting at 10am. Grab yourself a coffee, take some bread and wine, and a pen and paper and get ready to worship together, and to hear a message from Jonathan Horsfall which is Part 2 in the series 'In light of these things...'

The video is published below - but without the interactive element that the link will give you.

Friday 27 March 2020

Life Church Bath Online Church

We have a new platform that we will be streaming from, starting Sunday 29 March. Head over to at 10am on Sundays. We start with a chat room before the start of the meeting. This Sunday, please bring some bread and some wine with you, a pen and paper, and if you like, a cup of coffee as you join us.

We will also post the meeting here on this page, and on our YouTube page - however these options do not have the interactive chat room function. See you Sunday!

Tuesday 24 March 2020

And so we are in a state of National Emergency. Now, as much as ever before, it is worth reiterating that although the building may be locked down and we cannot gather, we, the people, are still the church!

Keep praying for one another! If you need extra prayer support contact your Life Group Leader; if you are not in a Life Group, consider joining one! Head over to the page that lists all the Life Groups and pick one! 

Secondly, God has not stopped working! Please send in your testimonies of what is God doing in your life right now. Head over to the Testimonies page and let us know and we will find ways to share this with the rest of the Church Family. 

Thirdly, it is still possible to have a Bethel Sozo session by Skype or Zoom. Head over to the sozo page for more information.

Fourthly, it is also still possible to receive prophetic encouragement and dream interpretation. Whilst we are unable to offer face-to-face appointments, the prophetic team are really keen to offer virtual slots to strengthen, comfort and encourage. You can also book in for dream interpretation. Sign up here The team will co-ordinate together, record the prophetic words or dream interpretations and send them to you. You could always ask someone if you can put their name down - especially those in our family who are doing such a brilliant job as frontline workers or perhaps those who are unwell or isolated. 

Church at Home Sunday 22 March 2020

Also, do check out this video by James Porter on Prayer, recorded on Tuesday 17 March 2020 
(post script - the prayer meeting in Alexandra Park that James mentions in this video is no longer taking place)

Below is a worship song 'King Over All', written by our worship pastor, Andy Williams, and sung by Andy and the worship team

As Andy himself says "So often we sing songs that acknowledge the storms past, the difficult seasons walked through and the battles won but rarely do we give space to discuss the current storm, the chaos still around us and the difficult season we are still walking through. This song acknowledges this very process, of being in the middle of chaos yet remembering that God is present within it. Written in the midst of pain, King Over All is a reminder to embrace the humanity of the difficult times simultaneously remembering that God is not moved. May this song offer a message of hope, confidence and comfort that no matter what you are facing there is one who is unmovable and is standing with you."


And a message from Joshua Luke Smith at the start of the year 'What sort of people ought we to be?'