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It's safe to say none of us imagined we'd be here at the beginning of 2020. These last few months have brought pain, suffering, grief, anxiety and fear to millions. Without doubt, we're living through a time of great darkness.

But, we believe that there's always an opportunity to choose hope. As dark as the night may get, dawn will come and light will prevail. Andy & Dani wrote this song as an encouragement to you.

Hold fast. Choose hope. Take heart. The darkness loses the fight. 

Lyrics for Take Heart

Into the great unknown I go 
Leaving behind the world I've known 
Uncharted territory
This all feels dark and scary 

We've never been this way before 
Everything now feels less secure 
Seems all the doors are closing 
It looks like night is drawing in 

But take heart, the morning brings with it light
And thank God the darkness loses the fight 

I have decided it's hope I'll choose 
Hearing it's voice louder than the news 
If I know love is near 
Why waste my time with fear? 

So take heart, the morning brings with it light 
And thank God the darkness loses the fight 
Yeah thank God the darkness loses the fight 

Oh yeah the light never ever fails to put an end to the dark
So if there's breath in my lungs then they'll surely be hope in my heart.

Sunday 17 May The Worship Living Room.

Uninterrupted worship from our living room to yours.

On Sunday 26 April we had our first The Worship Living Room. Enjoy this time of worship again and again here.

Just before lockdown we recorded some stripped back versions of our songs at the Forum which we'd love to share with you over the coming weeks.

Broken Wings - Andrew Williams & Faith Barnett

Jesus, You are Faithful - Andrew Williams