Bethel Sozo Testimonies  

As ever we want to thank all those who have taken time to feed back to us the results of their Sozo ministry. We should emphasise that we suggest that folk let their Sozo settle in for a couple of weeks before sending in their feedback.
“I hope many will access this vital and life giving ministry as it is a thorough process, guided in a gentle and empowering way to release heavenly truths into ones life.”
“I came to a Sozo during the worst time in my life. Since then I have been trusting God in a new way and having joy and strength and peace. I can be with my Father God, I don’t have to live in fear of being abandoned, or poor. I heartily recommend going!”
“I was due to see my dad afterwards to reconcile and it went very well. We’ve met up several times since and although the patterns he exhibited that caused me some emotional wounds are still present, thanks to the healing God’s done through Sozo I have been able to stand and be stable and secure.”
“Life impacting! Breakthrough during the session when handing over weights of false responsibility, I no longer feel the pull any more and am incredibly hopeful of gaining full victory. Sozo had made a real difference to me and my life!”
“Regarding my time at the Hillsborough disaster: Sozo helped me see Jesus in that tragic event and that I was not to blame for any of it. Something that, later on, a human judge and jury came to the same conclusion of.”
“I didn’t think my PHD struggles could be solved, or interested God, wow was I wrong, He clearly  showed me His cherishing care and lifted me from my struggle and fear. I am excited by my studies now!”
“Having had a painful and complex history Sozo provided a safe pathway to enable me to do business with God.”
“It was a journey into deeper revelation of God’s love for me. A glimpse into His heart for me.  I was amazed at the gentleness and safe atmosphere of the session. I already love the Lord, but to give Him express permission to reveal and replace lies with His truth is deep and exciting for me. The night after my Sozo I had a nightmare relating to my childhood trauma, I awoke and applied the truths from my Sozo and went back into a deep sound sleep and have had no reoccurrences since! Praise God! I am still amazed by the sensitivity and gentleness and wonderful appropriate prayers.  I was so grateful to have words of truth written and handed to me at the end.”
“God met me in a way that I had never experienced before, I could feel the freedom as we prayed.  He took me back to the womb and showed me the meaning of abundant life and being fearfully and wonderfully made, He showed me I was wanted and loved all in one moment of praying and listening.”

“I experienced many ‘ah ha’ moments and a deeper understanding in relation to my past and present relationships…like a new aspect or new dimensions of known areas, new angles and enlightenments and very much a connection to alignment with God the Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.”
“An experience upon which I can build my future. I was overwhelmed by God’s love for me and His presence.  Sozo is life giving.  It unlocks the past in a safe way. I met Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a new way and was left with Joy, - not pain – and truth about me.  My future looks much more attractive!”
“I’ve had to do public speaking before and I’ve always had panic attacks and found it very distressing.  During my Sozo Father God gave me a picture of Himself presenting me to people and showing them His delight in me.  I’ve had to do two talks in the month following my Sozo and I’ve been aware of a little nervousness but overall I feel a quiet confidence, peace and Father God’s pleasure. The change is significant and people have noticed and want to know more about Sozo.”
“Bethel Sozo is the most powerful ministry I have ever experienced and once you have a relationship with the Lord, He can move in power to set you free. I feel unburdened from years of guilt and shame which I thought might never leave me.”
“I can say that I have noticed a difference in me and other people have noticed this too. My daughter said that we don’t argue any more, this is pretty significant, as we did seem to argue often; I had a bit of a short temper. I feel that bad roots that lead to certain behaviour have now been uprooted and destroyed. If my daughter noticed then there must be a positive difference!” 
“The grief I felt about my mother’s death three years ago has gone. It is something I had been trying to give to God and let go of for at least one year, although the grief had lessoned progress was slow, thee steps forward and two back. The pain has been replaced by peace.” 
“Thank you for Sozo, it has changed my life! I did have an eye complication from viral conjunctivitis which meant I needed to put eye drops in my eyes every day, I haven’t had to that since the Sozo, praise God!”
“I was able to release a trauma that I had been carrying for more that 40 years, giving me more joy and happiness in my life.”