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The Prophetic

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Receiving prophetic ministry

Prophetic Encouragement
When was the last time someone had a prophetic word for you? God always wants to speak to us, and it's so encouraging when someone who doesn't know us, or what we are thinking, gives us a word that speaks right into our circumstances; a word to comfort, encourage and strengthen us.  
Dream Interpretation
Have you had a dream recently that you remember or feel is significant? Perhaps it's one from a long time ago or a recurring dream? God so often shows us things in our dreams that can bring encouragement, revelation and practical solutions. The prophetic team love to interpret dreams and can chat through with you what they sense God is saying to you in your dreams.
When booking in for dream interpretation, please email your dream to bcc.prophetic@gmail.com at least 5 days before your appointment.

Whilst we are unable to offer face-to-face appointments at this time, the prophetic team are really keen to offer virtual slots to strengthen, comfort and encourage. You can also book in for dream interpretation. The team will co-ordinate together, record the prophetic words or dream interpretations and send them to you. You could always ask someone if you can put their name down - especially those in our family who are doing such a brilliant job as frontline workers or perhaps those who are unwell or isolated.
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Please note that you are not required to be present for this virtual slot. The team will wait on God, record what they believe He is saying to you, then send the words to you about 5 - 7 days later.

One person's feedback sums up prophetic encouragement: "Just a quick note to say that this was excellent. Excellent in both the accuracy and the encouragement - I wish I had attended sooner!"