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Encore Online 

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 11am (but log in from 10.50am) and then fortnightly 

Now held fortnightly, in the middle of the week, an opportunity for live connection, prayer, worship, to hear from God and focus with a short word. Our speaker on 14 April will be Joshua Luke Smith.

Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89369957876?pwd=cWFrelQwc1dQUXU5WEdicDhDUWh1UT09
ID: 893 6995 7876; Password: 222222

So we can get off to a prompt start, we are planning to open the waiting room doors at about 10:50am.

Prophetic Art at Encore

During Encore Online, some people paint prophetically and below are some of the recent pieces of Prophetic Art.

IMG 5678
His Glory Within. Margaret, 3 March 2021

IMG 5640
His Oil of Anointing. Margaret, 17 February 2021.
It depicts a generous, golden drop of oil, shining with the glory of the Lord, dropping down on it's way to landing. On whom and for what purpose? I think this may be a time of checking with the Lord as to whether there is a change of season for some of us. Do we need a fresh anointing? Or, perhaps, do we need a top up of His oil of joy or His oil of gladness? Or perhap we need His oil of healing? Maybe we just feel dry and need to be filled up again with the oil of His Holy Spirit? Whatever it is, be assured that His oil is available and in generous supply to meet your needs and more.

20210313 215115
From a Place of Humility. Sue, 3 February 2021

image0 (17)
The Joy of the Lord is my Strength. Margaret, 3 February 2021

IMG 5590
The Inexorable Advance of His Kingdom. Margaret, 20 January 2021
The  constantly advancing flow of the Kingdom of God is steadily exposing and then purifying what appears to be worthy to many people. However, underneath the apparent worthiness are ideologies and beliefs which are based on twist and untruth to fit an ideology. God sees every falsehood and says ’No! My Word is the  way to truth and life’. We are to beware of compromising His Word as only it is constant and holds true for all eternity.

20210131 150913
Humility. Sue, 20 January 2021
I believe we are all called at this time to get on our knees before the Lord of lords, laying down all that we have.
In humility we find ourselves seeking first His kingdom, we find that we are freeing ourselves from all that entangles us, pressing forward towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenwards in Christ Jesus. Amen.

image2 (6)
The Foot of the Cross. Sue, 6 January 2021
On the Tuesday, I was praying about what the Lord wanted me to paint at Encore on the Wednesday, so I started to search for the right canvas. I came across the painting of ‘the foot of the Cross’ that I had started (but not finished) while at Encore a few weeks back.
On the Wednesday , as I looked again at the painting it still felt unfinished. Suddenly I sensed the Lord was telling me to put a crown at the foot of the cross. I was unsure and had many questions to ask the Lord. It was then that I heard the Lord say this: 'Be still. Think about what you see. This crown is not my crown. This is your crown. Cast YOUR crown at the foot of my cross.’ The Lord's presence filled the room and overwhelmed me. He said: 'Bow down and humble yourselves before me.'

During the next few days The Lord went on to tell me more... He showed me, that all of us, at some point have made ourselves a crown to wear. We build it and shine it and adorn it in jewels. We take hold of our earthly achievements and our own efforts and then we shine a light on them to display our pride. With out even realising what we are doing, we make our achievements our identity. Our identity is in Christ and Him alone therefore we cast our crowns at the foot of His cross and humble ourselves before Him. In humility we find ourselves seeking first His kingdom, we find that we are freeing ourselves from all that entangles us, pressing forward towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenwards in Christ Jesus. We know that our true crowns are the crowns of glory from the Lord.

Margaret also painted for Encore on the same day but because she was helping to lead the meeting she had done her painting prior to the meeting. I had no idea what she had painted when I was sharing with her about what the Lord had told me, but then she showed me what she had painted. It was a crown! …. or rather, just half of a crown …. We were totally amazed at what the Lord was showing us. See Margaret's painting below.

IMG 5555
The Glory Crown. Margaret, 6 January 2020
This half crown covers the first half crown I painted which was a very bright, gaudy crown with lots of jewels and pearls and very heavy looking. It wasn't the half crown I kept seeing in my mind's eye! I decided to paint over it something more like the one which I believe God was showing me, and here it is! This is half of the glory crown which each of us will receive when we have finished our race of life. The gaudy one underneath, I believe, symbolises the crown we tend to build for ourselves through life as we reflect on our skills, our status, possessions  and achievements which we so often forget are all due to God's generosity, His giftings, grace and mercy. It is a heavy crown that doesn't help us run the race at all! However, if we are willing to humble ourselves and cast that crown down at His feet, He will replace it with His light crown of glory on our heads as we freely run towards our prize- a crown that is here and is coming, and the end of the race.

IMG 5329
Follow the Good Shepherd. Margaret, 9 December 2020
This is a call to keep following Jesus, who is our Good Shepherd.
He cares deeply for each one of us and knows all that we need. He knows the way forward and He will provide a safe route through the milestrom of life we are experiencing just now. He is faithful and He will always be at hand walking with us.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus. Sue, 25 November 2020
Things can look daunting when all around is closed in and barriers are raised. We can feel cold, alone and unwanted even when we are with someone. In this painting, I feel that the Lord shows us that no matter how difficult the situation is that we want to escape from, He is there right beside us to heal us and show us how much He loves us. He loves us more than we will ever know. His blood He shed for us, by His stripes we are healed. This is the power of the blood of Jesus …… He is the resurrection and the Life, He is our all in all.

IMG 5326
Peace. Margaret, 11 November 2020
I felt that I was to paint a white lily-like flower so I looked on Google for photos of white flowers and the Peace Lily caught my eye. It was a big challenge for me to try and paint it with so much detail and it took a long time, but I still feel it wasn't the flower I was supposed to paint!! However, here is 'Peace" which is indeed what I believe God wants us to live in despight the times and all the problems and challenges. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and also the Prince of Peace and we are to keep our eyes on Him through it all. 

Free to Flourish. Margaret, 28 October 2020
It sends a clear message that nothing is locked down as far as our God is concerned! He wants to set us free in thought, word and deed to live life abundantly despite how the world looks to us. He has ways that are our not our ways and He can make a way where there is no way!

IMG 5256
A Thin Place. Margaret, 14 October 2020
This painting is like a peep into the beauty and mystery of being in relationship with, and abiding in, God, through Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

IMG 5178
Thy Will Be Done. Margaret, 30 September 2020
It is a human hand reaching up to God, blessed and empowered by His Holy Spirit; open and ready to obediently do whatever the Lord requires to be done to extend His Kingdom here on earth.

image0 (14)
A Fragrant Offering. Margaret, 16 September 2020
It represents how our praise and worship to the Lord  blesses Him and gives us joy and hope. Other suggestions included the river of life flowing down to us from an open heaven, Jesus on the cross and an incomplete knot!

Harvest in New Beginnings. Margaret, 2 September 2020
It depicts a lot of new life and fresh growth with much renewal and healing but concurrently there are seeds of knowledge, truth and hope which are ready to be harvested and planted for a new season of even more increase, power and fruitfulness.

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