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Encore Online 

Wednesday 10 June, 11am and then fortnightly

A fortnightly opportunity for live connection together to pray, worship, hear from God and focus with a short word.

Join in via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89369957876?pwd=cWFrelQwc1dQUXU5WEdicDhDUWh1UT09
Meeting ID: 893 6995 7876, Password: 222222

Prophetic Art at Encore

During Encore Online, Margaret paints prophetically and below are some of her recent pieces of Prophetic Art.

Encore Prophetic Art 2
Spirit Waves, 27 May 2020
More and more waves of blessing, revelation, freedom and clarity together with overcoming peace  available to those who step in to the pure flow of the  Holy Spirit.

Encore Prophetic Art
13 May 2020
Margaret says "This picture could be to many an illustration of our situation at the moment - being surrounded and hemmed in by coronavirus in a dark and scary place, but to me,as the colour black in prophetic art can mean the fear of the Lord. I believe this is showing that there is a need for increased fear of the Lord both individually and in the church as a whole, and with humility and maturity there is a pathway out to the light which is to Jesus. Some observers saw the path strewn with petals and likened it to a pathway to Jesus for His bride the church. Whatever, it shows that there is a way forward and God has it all in hand!"