New to Bath City Church?

If you are, then Welcome!  We want to help you to feel as at home as you want to be, as quickly as you feel comfortable!  Sound a bit strange? Well, we don’t mean it to but we recognise that people come to Bath City Church for many different reasons, and what we don’t want to do is make you feel pushed or made to join in.

When you come to Bath City Church we want you to experience the very real presence of God in all that we do and feel a warm welcome from a community of His people. We’re relaxed in style and spontaneous in nature.  We don’t have all the answers, but we’re willing to share what we have and love to welcome people into our hearts.

We recognise that each family of God's people has it's own identity or DNA, it's own way of doing things, it's own culture, vision and mission. You can access our vision and mission statements here and read about our Sunday gatherings here

Our home is The Forum, a stunning Art Deco ex-cinema located in the heart of Bath. Bought, miraculously, by our members in the late 1980’s, the auditorium can seat 1600, and so we have plenty of room to host conferences, run courses and act as a resource for the city.

Visiting Bath City Church

A a good start point is to pick up a welcome pack and fill in the newcomer card, you can get this at the Connect Desk on a Sunday morning. Chat to a member of the Hospitality team, wearing black 'Hi' t shirts, or a member of the Kickstart Team, wearing bright green polo shirts. Then why not stay for coffee after the meeting?  

Additional Needs

If you are visually or hearing impaired, if you are a wheelchair user, use a mobility aid or if you have learning disabilities or a health condition or impairment and you would like some assistance to be able to move around the building, to enjoy our gatherings or assistance in any way, please do contact us on 01225 463556 before your visit to chat through your needs, or visit the Connect Desk on a Sunday where a member of the Hospitality team will be happy to help you.

Find Out More

We encourage everyone who wants to find out more about who we are to listen to our teaching on culture (this can be accessed here) and to join the  Kickstart Course. Click here to find out more and to register 

Destiny Activator
10:00am Friday 28 June
The Forum
It Takes Two
7:30pm Friday 28 June
The Forum
6:30pm Tuesday 15 October
The Forum Coffee House
Generations Conference 2019
11:00am Friday 1 November
The Forum
Our VISION is to build a radical relevant church that empowers people to express God’s heart, fulfil their dreams and change the world.

Our MISSION is to create a culture where people from every nation and generation can have a genuine encounter with the living God.
Our mandate is to see people established in the truth, equipped to fulfil their dreams and empowered to change the world around them.
We want everyone to live in the fullness of everything Jesus paid for on the cross, to express the likeness of heaven here on earth and leave a legacy for the generations to come.